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Amazing! Couple Marries 10 Days After Meeting on a Dating site

The impact of social media in the lives of single individuals cannot be over emphasised. Several people have ended up with their life partners after meeting them online.
Most people who seem not to have luck with meeting a partner often take their search to the internet and if they are lucky enough, they get hooked.
The common practice is that after a man and lady meet online, they get to know each other for some time before deciding if they would like to live together forever as a couple.
However in the case of Paul and Sarah Edwards, things were a bit different. The pair walked down the aisle just 10 days after they got to know each other on a dating site.

According to Metro UK, the couple met on Bumble on December 15 and they spoke together for the first time on December 22. They eventually decided to make things official the next day despite never meeting each other in person.

Obviously not one to waste time, they booked a wedding venue and met for the first time at the airport on Christmas Eve. They travelled to Las Vegas in their wedding outfits to get married.

Paul has two daughters from a previous relationship but he is convinced his marriage with Sarah would work out. He said: “I love Sarah for who she is and just likes marriages across the world, we will grow to love each other.”
This is quite interesting. Hopefully their union would be one of those social media relationships with happy endings.
Their love story has inspired many single people who hope that cupid shoots in their direction and they find their soul mate by chance. From a dating site to the altar, the lovers recently tied the knot in Vegas.

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