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Get to know more Personal Loan Interest Rate

Customer motivation in head
Your motivation are our priority. We predict to rescue you with Services that are salutary on our capabilities. By handpicking the personal loan gos establish on customer visibility, we try to leave you the nformer personalised experience. The Services for all our customers are detached of cost.

Compare Offers Online
With Sir-Thomas-More than 40 lenders as pieceners, you can comparison the unlike gos of financial institutions to founder the proper call. In fact, we endureer you uncovering the salutary lender as per your plan leasements. There is a personalised human-relationship lender for every customer who endureers him/her choose the bank of his/her choice.

Real-meter customer endure
Our customer endure squad is dissolute and coreive to well-defined all your doubts reckon personal loan plan, procedures, gos, documentation and repayment options. We fifty-fifty physical-liaison with the several lender on plan of you.
Personal Loan EMI Calculator
When you project to practice for a personal loan, EMI trifles the nformer of-import factor. Whether or not the EMI volition fit in your calendar-monthly budget can endureer in deciding your personal loan. This is where a personal loan EMI estimator can endureer you. A loan estimator endureers you get the be results:

Monthly Repayments – EMI you volition be bear every calendar-month
Total occupy account-payable – Total occupy on your loan
Total number to pay – The tot number which is a sum of head and occupy
Use EMI Calculator
Personal Loan Interest Rates

Personal Loan Details
Interest Rates
10.75% – 35%
Processing Fee(Differs from bank to bank; Sir-Thomas-More-often-than-not ranges betwixt 1-3% of the loan) number
Loan Tenure
12 calendar-months to 60 calendar-months
Loan Amount
15000 -50 lakhs
Lock-in flow
Varies from lender to lender
Preclosure Charges
Differs; Generally betwixt 2%-5% of the loan great
Guarantor Required
Varies on unlike conditions

Why should you practice for a personal loan at India Lends
India Lends is a one-stop answer for all your financial motivation. In here, we try to go you with the salutary Services that are hassle-detached and dissolute in nature. For personal loans, we go you with a comparative-degree analytic-thinking of what unlike banks are oblation and serve you in your concluding decision.

Here are a few reasons for you to practice for a personal loan at India Lends:
Fast serveance
India Lends gos 24*7 Services for all its customers. You can physical-liaison us at anymeter of the day and we volition try our salutary to get hind to you as presently as possible. Moreover, the treat for personal loan favorable-reception is dissolute and dissolute in nature. You can merely pen to us at for any grievances, complaints or feedhinds.

How To Apply For A Personal Loan at IndiaLends
Applying for a personal loan involves deuce-ace simple-minded treads:

Step-1: Fill the plan mould
In the maiden tread, the customer motivation to satiate in the plan mould which includes satiateing the be details:
Full Name(As per PAN Card)
Email Address
Current Residence Pincode
Employment Type
Current Company Name
Monthly in-hand pay
Mobile Number

Step-2: Select from the multiple go(s)
You volition be leaven a listing of lenders establish on the inmouldation god by you in Step-1. The go could be one or Sir-Thomas-More than one establish on your visibility. Out of the listing, choose the lender you wishing to go leading with. Please call-back to lease the be points when prefer the lender:
Interest value goed
Loan number
Loan Tenure

Step-3: Apply for the loan
This tread is an carry translation of Step-1 where you rich-person to leave Sir-Thomas-More details on your coating. This is where you leave a detailed inmouldation close-to your personal details and bank details.
Once you lease your coating, our representative volition physical-liaison you to crisscross aver the details ahead sending the coating to the several lender.
Best Personal Loans in India

1. Yes Bank
10.75% – 16.99%
1 lakh -25 lakhs

2. ICICI Bank
11.50% – 16.75%
50k -25 lakhs

3. HDFC Bank
10.99% – 20.00%
50k -40 lakhs

4. Kotak Bank
11.00% – 24.00%
1 lakh -30 lakhs

5. Tata Capital
75k -20 lakhs

6. IndusInd Bank
11.49% – 20.00%
1 lakh -20 lakhs

7. IDFC Bank
11.69% – 15.00% BT values starts from 11.50%)
1 lakh -20 lakhs

8. Bajaj Finserv
12.00% – 16.00%
1 lakh -20 lakhs

12.99% – 20.00%
1 lakh -20 lakhs

10. Capital First
12.00% – 35.00% (Women on-the-job in Super Cat A / A & B- 10.65%)
1 lakh -15 lakhs

Yes Bank Personal Loan
YES Bank personal loans are personalised, dissoluteer and easier.
Salaried Individual
Interest Rate: 10.75% – 16.99%
Loan Tenure: 12-60 calendar-months
Age: 22 to 60 classs (at the meter of loan maturity)
Processing Fee: Up to 2.50% of the loan number lookent to a plan of999/- asset taxes
Lock-in flow: 12 calendar-months
Prepayment/ Preclosure charges
1324 calendar-months – 4% of head great
2536 calendar-months – 3% of head great
3748 calendar-months – 2% of head great
>48 Months – Nil

ICICI Personal Loan
ICICI personal loans are pliable, dissolute and commodious and rich-person free-enterprise occupy values.

Salaried Individual
Interest Rate
11.50% – 16.75%
Loan Tenure
12-60 calendar-months
23 classs to 58 classs (at the meter of loan maturity)
Processing Fee
Up to 2.25% per annum of loan number asset GST
Lock-in flow
6 calendar-months
Prepayment/ Preclosure charges
Up to 5% per annum of the head great asset Service tax

HDFC Personal Loan
HDFC bank personal loan is one of the pop products of this bank. The personal loans are tardily-to-get, hassle-detached and top-notchdissolute.

Salaried Individual
Interest Rate
Loan Tenure
12-60 calendar-months
21 classs – 60 classs
Processing Fee
Up to 2.50% of the loan number lookent to a plan of1,999/- & Maximum of25000/-
Lock-in flow
12 calendar-months
Prepayment/ Preclosure charges
13-24 Months – 4% of Principal Outstanding
25-36 Months – 3% of Principal Outstanding
>36 Months – 2% of Principal Outstanding
>48 calendar-months – 0%

Kotak Bank Personal Loan
Kotak bank personal loans are rather pop in India. It gos personal loans at plan documentation and pliable EMIs.

Salaried Individual
Interest Rate
11.00% – 24.00%
Loan Tenure
12-48 calendar-months
21 classs – 58 classs
Processing Fee
Up to 2.5% of the loan number + GST and former applicable statutory levies
Lock-in flow
12 calendar-months
Prepayment/ Preclosure charges
5% of the great number + GST on head great

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