NEW TASK ALERT : as Biggie issues Nini new top secret prank task

Nini  a BBnaija shine Ya eye housemate has been charged with a new prank task involving her exiting the house for 24 hours.
Biggie issued the secret mission during the housemate’s Tuesday diary session after she broke down in tears, detailing how exhausted she was.

  • Biggie told her “Upstairs in the games lounge, there is a secret emergency exit. Tonight, while all the housemates are asleep, you are to use this secret exit to leave the house,”

“You will stay out of the house for twenty-four hours before returning back,” he added.
Biggie also warned Nini that the task must be kept a secret from the rest of the housemates.

“Nini, this is a top-secret mission. This means you cannot disclose it to anyone in the house.

“The secret emergency door is the window right next to the trophy cabinet. All you have to do is to stand next to the window when you are ready to leave the house, and the window will automatically open for you.”

The housemate’s prank task comes a week after Biggie issued a prank task to her house bestie Saga.

Recall Saga ratted Biggie out barely 24 hours after the task to prank Nini was issued.

For the new task, Nini is expected to pack a few toiletries for her time outside the house.

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