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Afriqpulsetv’s Exclusive topical issues published in series by Columnists. Topics are personal point of view expressing the editor’s opinion.

FIRE: A TRENDING CRIMINAL; Coincidental fire outbreaks and high profile fraud cases in Nigeria

A country where people  don’t take responsibility for their actions, A country where FIRE is made an accomplice of high profile frauds, blamed for tampering evidence. A country where anything goes and no one sees anything wrong with it….  This is Nigeria where everyone seem petrified, and can no longer …

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Moral Decay: The Bullied Masses; A Country of Ponzi schemes

A country whose moral decay has affected our economy grossly and can no longer cater for her citizens, is the same country who goes about preaching ethics and morality, while the societies disintegrate, and everyone bears the brunt of it. I woke up to see the headline on my screen; …

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