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Check Out Silent Dubai Big Boy Oluwasanu Who May Be Richer Than Hushpuppi – He Is An Unofficial Gucci Ambassador

Silent Dubai Big Boy Oluwasanu: Rich children live their lives to the fullest as they typically have the time and money to do so.

The young and wealthy individuals take to social media from time to time to show off their expensive and comfortable lifestyles. A young rich Nigerian man named simply Oluwasanu emerged and vanished on social media almost immediately.

Simply known as Oluwasanu, the young man seems to love to show off his lavish lifestyle on social media for his fans to see just like the famous Hushpuppi.


Let’s dabble on his direct comparison, Hushpuppi who has been dancing in tune with his actions for the past couple of months — nearly every Nigerian has heard of the popular rich young Nigerian based in The Dubai, Hushpuppi. Hushpuppi is known for showing off his luxury things to clothing and shoes, including cars.

He is also known for rocking famous designer brands known as Gucci and sometimes describes himself as a Gucci ambassador. Well, things got a bit clumped up for him recently as he faces a legal battle in the United States.

Could Oluwasanu be another Hushpuppi? While both have in common their wealth and lavish lifestyles, they may not be exactly the same.

On his Instagram bio, the young man who is based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) states that he is a sales executive at a logistics, travel and tourism company in the UAE.

This young man lives his life to the fullest and since the United Arab Emirates is considered to be one of the most beautiful nations on earth, Oluwasanu makes sure he explores every corner of the world. Below are some more photos:

Oluwasanu in private jet

Oluwasanu was last seen in two years ago on social media. He is claiming to be a senior executive in one of the megacorps of tourism in Dubai.

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