Cryptocurrency is an internet-based medium of exchange which uses cryptographical functions to conduct financial transactions. Cryptocurrencies leverage blockchain technology to gain decentralization, transparency, and immutability.

For most people, whats stopping them from earning cryptocurrency is the archaic idea that they need to invest money in order to earn. And when one looks at the high prices or cryptocurrency, it is not at all surprising why they decide not to consider it an option.However, unlike before, you can now effectively earn cryptocurrency without investing not even a single dollar! This is like saying you could earn cryptocurrency for free. I’m sure this would have stimulated your interest… In this article, we’ll be showing you the different ways you can earn cryptocurrency without investing any money.

Some known ways through which a person can earn cryptocurrency without investing a single dollar are listed as well as elucidated below:

1. Read and Write to Earn Cryptocurrency

Authors of online articles would usually earn a percentage of the revenue while a publication earns the bulk of it. Readers don’t earn at all.

But with blockchain-based platforms like Hive and Publish0x, both readers and writers can earn cryptocurrency.

Hive is a decentralized social media and blogging platform. Its revenue is shared with users using the Hive cryptocurrency, which can be traded like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The users in this case are the consumers and content creators.

As a consumer, you may earn Hive cryptocurrency by upvoting articles, similar to the concept on Reddit, and leave comments.

As a creator, you earn when your article gets upvoted. The more popular your article, the higher you’ll earn. Like on any other blogging platform, you would need patience and practice to become successful. Just like how you can’t be an overnight success by posting only one YouTube video.

Publish0x is similar to Hive where you can earn by blogging or reading articles except that it does not have its own token. The platform declares itself “token agnostic” and so they accept tokens from different sources such as BAT, DAI, and Loopring.

For content creators, these decentralized platforms may be attractive to them as they could earn the bulk of the revenue instead of the middleman.

Consumers would have peace of mind when tipping content creators knowing that their hard-earned tokens go directly to the people that create the content.

2. Faucet

A “faucet”, is a website that rewards people with a cryptocurrency in exchange for performing a simple task. In other words, the user gets paid for completing a certain type of activity, such as signing up for a newsletter or viewing an ad. Websites have long offered a cash incentive in exchange for performing activities and tasks, now they are starting to adopt cryptocurrencies.
But be aware you aren’t going to get rich quick through faucets. The payouts are generally quite small and they are tied to market rates. For example a bitcoin faucet is only going to give you a few cents worth of satoshis per task. (A satoshi is the smallest currently used denomination of bitcoin and is equal to 0.00000001 BTC).

3. Promote ICO/IEO Projects and Earn Bounties

Bounty is another way to earn free cryptocurrency by offering your skills or services. If you are good at coding or developing dApps, exchanges can hire your services and in return, you get free coins through bounties. There is a huge opportunity for developers to earn by providing a security protocol or finding out scams in the blockchain. Non-developers can also earn by participating in community forums and posting on social platforms. You can promote a project through Facebook, Twitter, Bitcointalk Forum, By writing an article, By making Youtube video reviews, etc.

4. Collect Free Airdrop Tokens

Airdrop is a very simple way to earn free cryptocurrency. All you need to do is to hold a crypto wallet. Airdrop is a blockchain marketing scheme where you are requested to link into emails and social media aspects of that network platform. This is actually a means to gain attention and getting linked to millions of users through their crypto wallets.

Remember: Some Airdrop may ask your sensitive information including KYC (Know Your Customer). Never use the same user id and password to signup which you are using anywhere else.

For Example, few websites like offer ongoing and upcoming airdrop information. Where you can participate to earn free tokens.

5. Earn through Mobile Apps:

Another way of earning crypto without investment is through some apps which rewards you for you time depending on certain actions. we have outlined some of the apps which reward you with crypto for your actions on them:

i. SweatCoin: This is a mobile app that you can simply download into your Android or iOS phones that will help you to earn simply by walking outside. Keep the app running while you are running and earn some extra coins into your wallet which can later be liquidated and transferred to you through PayPal.
ii. Storm play: Stormplay is for Android users only. The app helps you to earn BTC, ETH, and STORM coins simply for playing games and trying new products and services.
Alien Run: This is a 2D gaming app for both Android and iOS phone users. This is a fun game that helps you earn some bitcoins in your free time.
iii. Blockchain Game: This is another Blockchain game available for both Android and iOS phone users. Simply download the app and start playing and for every stack of 10 blocks, you earn free coins.
iv. Abundance: This is again available for both Android and iOS users and is a “money mindset” app. This is a gaming app where you play simple mind games and after unlocking 100 quotes you start earning for every single quote you decode.
v. Bitfortip: is a mobile and desktop platform where you can earn by providing helpful bitcoin tips to fellow investors. You get rewarded for your bitcoin research work and answers.

By Ezie Amobi Lewis

Lewis is a student of psychology. A researcher, an avid reader and a computer enthusiast with a penchant for Graphics designs and programming. Mail me at [email protected]

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