Investigations going-on on Fahim Saleh’s murder

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the motorcycle-sharing platform ‘Gokada’, Fahim Saleh, is dead.
Mr Fahim Saleh’s body was found Tuesday afternoon beheaded in his Manhattan apartment in the U.S., the New York Daily News reported.
The tech entrepreneur’s limbless, headless torso was found inside his Manhattan condo Tuesday afternoon with an electric saw lying next to the remains, the paper quoted the police as saying.
Mr Saleh who is 33 years old is believed to have purchased the condo for $2.25 million last year.
Police found his dismembered body in contractor bags in what seemed an effort to hide the evidence of the crime.
“We have a torso, a head that’s been removed, arms, legs. Everything is still on the scene,” the New York Police Division’s spokesperson, Carlos Nieves, told the paper.

He said they could not identify the dismembered corpse immediately, but the sister of Mr Saleh who discovered the dismembered body on Tuesday afternoon, after not hearing from him for a day, made a distress call to them and feared that the lifeless body could be her brother’s.
After checks with friends and neighbours who spoke on anonymity, they identified the grisly body lying next to the electric saw as the young CEO who had been residing in the apartment for a year.
The police said the saw was still plugged into an electrical outlet when they arrived which prompted an investigation into whether or not the arrival of Mr Saleh’s sister at the condo could have interrupted the killing and alerted the killer to flee through another exit.
They are yet to understand the motive of the gruesome murder.
An elevator surveillance camera may have caught the victim’s last moments, sources said.

The CCTV camera captured Mr Saleh entering the elevator on Monday, and was quickly followed by a second man, dressed in a suit, wearing gloves, a hat and a mask over his face.
He fell immediately, possibly shot or stunned after he walked out onto his floor.
His friends and neighbours believe he’s been targeted as they described him as a “big-time person” who may have gone through a lot but never acted as worried about anything.

“He never said he was scared,” a male friend told the paper. “He was always very happy-go-lucky.”
“I hope they find that person (the culprit),” he added.
Mr Saleh was born in Saudi Arabia to Bangladeshi immigrant parents. He was a website developer before turning to venture capital.
He got his start creating a prank calling website, then moved on to create a motorcycle-hailing company in his parents’ native Bangladesh before starting Gokada with Nigeria’s Ayodeji Adewunmi, in Lagos in 2018.

The company experienced setbacks and mass layoffs in January after Lagos state banned commercial motorcycle activity in the state.
He was described as a self-made millionaire who took tech firms into nations such as Nigeria and Indonesia, and an energetic person who loved gadgets and video games.

By Maffy Gondyi

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