Personal assistant Haspil who’s 21, is led away in handcuffs on murder charge after his tech CEO boss, 33, was decapitated and dismembered – as new video shows suspect with a mystery woman in the same neighborhood two days after the slaying incident.

Tyrese Devon Haspil was arrested on Friday for second degree murder, he’s the prime suspect in this week’s grisly murder of his boss Fahim Saleh, 33.

Tyrese Devon Haspil

Police say that Haspil owed Fahim Saleh, his boss, a ‘significant amount of money’.
There are reports that Haspil had embezzled some $100,000 from Saleh.

Haspil was taken into custody at luxurious NoHo apartments early Friday, Sources say he recently moved into a vacation rental possibly for a short term. Surveillance cam spotted Haspil leaving building on Wednesday with a woman.

Surveillance video obtained shows a massive police task force taking Saleh into custody early on Friday at 172 Crosby Street.

Haspil arrest

Haspil was taken into custody by members of the New York-New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force just three days after Saleh’s dismembered torso was discovered in the living room of the millionaire’s luxury apartment, with his head and limbs stuffed into bags.
NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison said Haspil, who handled Saleh’s finances as his personal assistant, owed the victim a ‘significant amount’ of money before his murder, and there are reports that Haspil may have been embezzling from his employer.

Police sources told the Daily News that Saleh learned his assistant had secretly robbed him of $100,000, and that he set up a payment scheme for Haspil to recover the money instead of reporting it to authorities.
Detectives began investigating Haspil after finding text messages in which according to police sources, Saleh accused Haspil of stealing the money.

Police have not confirmed when the alleged theft occurred and how much money Haspil owed the victim.
Investigators believe Saleh was killed on Monday – a day before his body was found by his cousin inside the apartment.
Detective Harrison said that investigators believe Haspil assaulted Saleh with a taser on Monday at about 1.45pm at the apartment.

The autopsy findings released Thursday showed that Saleh had been tasered and then stabbed several times before dismembering. Harrison refused to specify the cause of death, saying that the investigation was still under way.

Fahim Saleh ‘victim’

Surveillance footage from inside the 265 East Houston apartment building showed Saleh was followed into the elevator by a man – believed to be Haspil – who was wearing a black suit and mask.
Investigators say Saleh, who was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, appeared suspicious when the masked-man fumbled with the elevator, which requires the use of a key fob to operate.

The footage shows the victim collapsing to the ground as the doors to the elevator opened directly into the full-floor apartment in Saleh. The doors of the elevator then closed and blocked the camera’s view of what had happened next.
Haspil’s credit card was reportedly used to buy a power saw and clean products at Home Depot after the murder, police sources told the Daily Beast.

The card was allegedly also used to pay for travel to and from Saleh’s apartment.
Investigators believe the alleged killer returned to Saleh’s apartment on Tuesday to dismember the tech entrepreneur’s body.

Law enforcement officials say the alleged killer may have waited for the victim’s blood to coagulate before dismembering him.
When police arrived at the scene, Saleh’s torso was found in the corner of his living room and separated his head, arms , and legs into plastic bags.
A vacuum cleaner and cleaning products were found nearby, an electric saw which was still plugged in.

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