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‘Far Cry 6’ Confirmed, With Breaking Bad Star Cast As Game’s Villain

Ubisoft appears to have confirmed earlier reports that Far Cry 6 is indeed in development, and will be releasing as a cross-gen title next year.

Earlier today a leaked Hong Kong PSN listing showed Far Cry 6, confirming the rumours that Breaking Bad star Giancarlo Esposito will appear as the game’s villain. The leaked description goes on to detail that the game takes place on the island of Yara, “the largest Far Cry playground to date” and “a tropical paradise frozen in time”.

Giancarlo Esposito’s character appears to be called Anton Castillo and is, as Far Cry bad guys usually are, some kind of dictator. The younger character in the leaked image is apparently his son, Diego, who will follow his father’s “bloody footsteps” as he wrestles the nation back into submission.

Ubisoft has now tweeted an image of Esposito in what looks to be a snippet from an upcoming trailer, with the caption, “Anton would not be pleased.” This is seemingly a direct reference to the fact the news leaked ahead of time, and can also be taken as confirmation that the leaked listing is, in fact, the real deal.

Ubisoft will show more of Far Cry 6 during the Ubisoft Forward event on Sunday. During the show, the company is also expected to show off a little more of Watch Dogs Legion and the battle royale Hyper Scape.

I assume Far Cry 6 was supposed to be the show’s big surprise, so it’s a shame to see that it leaked ahead of time. However, it makes sense that Ubisoft would want to own the leaks and confirm the news earlier than planned, while promising more to come later on.

Activision was forced to do much the same with Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time last month, because we seem to live in a world where everything to do with a major announcement manages to leak ahead of time.

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