Frederick Leonard is one of the top actors in Nollywood who successfully carved a viable niche in Nigerian film industry for himself. In 2009, Frederick starred “Disclosure” in a top-rated TV series that is still in demand even to this day. Leonard is a Biochemistry graduate and you’d wonder how a Biochemistry graduate ended up in the theatre, not the laboratory. Well to find out, check out the Biography, the family, relationship of Frederick Leonard and how much his net worth is.

Frederick Leonard’s Biography
Frederick Leonard, an Igbo man, was born on the 1st of May, 1976. Frederick claims he is still in his late thirties but records have it that he is 42 years as of 2019. He is the first child of Igbo parents and a native of Nnewi, Anambra state in Nigeria. He was born decades before his sister was born, he was born into a family of two children. Frederick had quite a fun-filled growing up, his parents owned an amusement park in Lagos, and you know what that means to every child. In 2000, Frederick Leonard lost his dad leaving his mum to take care of him and his sister. Sixteen(16) years later, in 2016, Frederick lost his mum to death. His mum meant so much to him, it took him quite a while before he got back to his feet. His sister currently is a student at Yaba College of Technology in Lagos.
Frederick Leonard is a Biochemistry Graduate of Kaduna State Polytechnic but ventured into acting in 2008. According to him, he went into studying Biochemistry to please his mum who wanted him to do sciences. Luckily, he graduated early in life and started pursuing his passion – movie acting.

Frederick Leonard’s Career

Frederick Leonard is the CEO of Nollywood moviemaker Cineworx Entertainment. “Indian Doctor” and the hit TV movie series “Disclosure” in 2009 were the movies which brought him to the limelight. In 2001, Frederick started his acting career, working as a model, too. Soon after his debut in 2001, he had taken a break from the screens to pursue his modeling career and extend his educational grounds. Seven(7) years later, in 2009, when Frederick starred in the film “The Indian Doctor,” Leonard has appeared in loads of films like “Disclosure” since 2008.

Frederick Leonard is a strong believer that African Cinema is not just a means of increasing the GDP ( Gross Domestic Product) of any country, as Nollywood contributes 1.3 percent of Nigeria ‘s GDP, but Cinema is a powerful medium through which stories can be told, taught, and sold to the world. Frederick, the actor who quit science for theatre, has received numerous distinguished awards such as;

 Best Actor – AFRIFIMO awards
 Best supporting actor – GIAMA awards
 Most Promising Actor in Nigeria – City People Entertainment Awards
 Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Africa    Magic Viewers Choice Awards.

Frederick Leonard’s Relationship/Marriage life

For some time Frederick’s family life and sexual identity was discussed. While the actor has played some of a married man ‘s roles in film, many still view him as gay because he’s remained single. He was charged with being gay, but the claim was firmly refuted. A photo suspected to be the wedding pictures of Frederick Leonard with actress, Kay Samuel surfaced on the internet in March 2016. But the truth has emerged it’s just a movie scene.

Three years ago, Frederick was once engaged to Pevvy Oviri, but their relationship only lasted for a year and boom, they broke up. For now, Frederick Leonard is not married and there is no news of him engaged with any woman or man.

Fredrick Leonard

Frederick Leonard Net Worth

Frederick Leonard is both an actor, and a model too. For about 17 years he has been a successful model, and for 11 years an actress. Furthermore, Cineworx Entertainment CEO Frederick is. The beautiful actor was once an Indian fashion firm’s brand face – Diamond Ark Lifestyle. Fred Leonard has a net worth estimated to be $420,000.


Similar to other popular actors, Fredrick Leonard has had his own share of scandals and rumors. It was reported i 2016 that he was bleaching his skin, but he has debunked those rumors saying ‘ Life has only gotten easier for me, so it’s natural that my skin gets fresher and good looking ‘.

It was also reported that he is in various relationships with several actresses, but he has also debunked the rumors too.

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