A Nigerian lady, Ameera Yusuf, is calling out one of the organizers of the most anticipated reality show in Nigeria, the Big Brother Nigeria on Twitter.

Ameera Yusuf took to the public on tweeter to accuse one Olushola Akande of trying to lure her to sleep with him for a slot in the forthcoming BBNaija TV show that is expected to kick off on July 19.

In Ameera’s tweet, she boasted of being bigger than the show, therefore they can start the show without her. She went further to reveal that she has receipts of her allegation, she called the show stupid and she said she will expose how they take advantage of people. In ending her tweet, she promised that the show organizers will hear from her.

Issues like this are what Nigerians are known to stand up for one another but in the case of Yusuf, it seems she is not getting the desired reactions from people as rather than join her to call out the organizers of BBNaija, they are calling her out.

While other people are telling her to good evidence for her allegation in case the accused decided to take the case up.

Below is a screenshot of Ameera’s tweet to the public.

By Ezie Amobi Lewis

Lewis is a student of psychology. A researcher, an avid reader and a computer enthusiast with a penchant for Graphics designs and programming. Mail me at [email protected]

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