What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency created in January 2009 following the housing market crash. It follows the ideas set out in a whitepaper by the mysterious and pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. The identity of the person or persons who created the technology is still a mystery. Bitcoin offers the promise of lower transaction fees than traditional online payment mechanisms and is operated by a decentralized authority, unlike government-issued currencies.

The king of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is still a tasty morsel for crypto enthusiasts. Even despite the bearish trend, 1 BTC isn’t cheap: at the moment of writing this article, it costs around $10,000. Do you want to add some Bitcoins to your portfolio but don’t have any money to invest in? Here is a guide on how to get free bitcoins.

Be an Affiliate Marketer and Earn Bitcoins for Free

Affiliate marketing offers another method for the average person and business to earn bitcoins for free online. If you have an online following, you can generate additional income by directing your friends and followers to do business with companies willing to reward you for steering new customers their way. Your followers click on a unique URL the merchant will give you when you join their affiliate or referral program. That URL will track any purchases made by your network and credit your account with the rewards. The commission per sale will differ from merchant to merchant, but if you have a large readership, an affiliate program may provide a sizable stream of income. A popular Bitcoin affiliate program is the one offered by Coinbase, arguable the biggest exchange for buying and selling Bitcoin in North America. When one of your referrals buys or sells $100 or more of Bitcoin within 180 days of opening an account, you earn the bitcoin equivalent of $10 in Bitcoin.

Take Surveys to Earn Free Bitcoin

If you’re open to answering questions and helping companies with market research, taking surveys could be a great way for you to earn free bitcoin. There are several companies that offer opportunities to take such surveys, but one of the largest survey companies offering bitcoin as a reward is Time Bucks. Within their platform you’ll be able to select which surveys you’d like to complete and what your payout will be. The surveys that you’ll be offered vary depending on the companies presently partnering with Time Bucks and if they view your profile as a good fit. In addition to taking surveys, Time Bucks also rewards users for watching videos, voting, installing free apps, playing games, and performing web searches. If you’d like to earn bitcoin in a more passive way, there is an option to get paid out for simply keeping a tab open on your computer that mines cryptocurrency in the background.
Free bitcoin payouts to users happen once per week and the minimum withdrawal is $10 worth of bitcoin. The earning maximum for a user during their first day is $50 worth of bitcoin. After a user’s first day, likely daily earnings are between $10-$20 worth of bitcoin per day. If you’d like to earn even more free bitcoin, Time Bucks offers a referral program that pays out a percentage of each referral’s account earnings. Although you probably won’t become a millionaire taking surveys, this could be a great way to start increasing your bitcoin earnings.

Earn Bitcoins by Clicking Ads and Watching Videos

One of the easiest ways to earn BTC is using Bitcoin faucets. Wonder what it is?
Bitcoin faucets are a reward system made in the form of an app or a website: it provides a reward in the form of Satoshi (1 Satoshi is a hundredth of a millionth BTC). Visitors need to complete tasks described by the website. Other faucets provide alternative cryptocurrencies.

Free Bitcoins interface
What kind of tasks do users usually perform? They solve captchas, play games, click on ads or watch videos. For every task done, they earn Bitcoin. Let’s observe a few popular Bitcoin faucets:

1. One of such faucets is Bittube: there, you earn Satoshis by watching YouTube videos.

2. BTC Clicks: allows earning up to 10,000 Satoshi. The site pays stably right into your wallet. You can earn Bitcoins for viewing ads as follows. Register, click “Surf Ads” in the top menu and in the new tab of your browser we do ad viewing. Then at the top left will appear captcha, solve it and get the earned bitcoins in your account.

3. AdBTC Top: pays from 5,000 Satoshi for watching commercials (up to 70 satoshi every 35 seconds). No investment, fast and plenty. Surfing, open window surfing and auto surfing. Come in more often and watch all the ads. Raise your rating (shown at the top right). You’ll get a highly paid ad for viewing and the captcha will be less stressful. The site pays for Faucethub.io, your BTC Wallet and your WebMoney wallet.

4. Multi Faucet site: pays BTC, LTC and DOGE instantly to your Faucethub.io wallet. You can earn Bitcoins in this way. Register, click “Earn Tokens” in the top menu and work. Three types of earnings – viewing links and advertising, performing tasks.

3. Bitco Mania: pays around 300 Satosh daily. The website allows users to view “View Ads” ads, click Shortlinks, complete tasks and participate in Hi – Low Game. Payouts from 1 Satoshi are transferred instantly on FaucetHub.io.

Mobile Apps with Rewards in Bitcoin

Since more than 50% of Internet users access the web from their mobile devices, the possibilities for earning cryptocurrencies from a smartphone are increasing. On the wave of Bitcoin popularity appeared a lot of applications connected with the earnings of cryptocurrency. As on computers, you can do mining on smartphones. The amount of currency earned in this case depends on the power of the processor device.

Mining cryptocurrency on smartphones is unprofitable for several reasons: it is both low computing power of devices, and the need to constantly keep the smartphone screen on. Thus, mining will suit you only if you use an unnecessary smartphone that is constantly plugged into the network, but even in this case, the profit will be low. You can mine cryptocurrencies on your Android phone with the help of several applications, one of the most popular is MinerGate, which allows you to earn Monero and Bytecoin, which can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.
It is a little easier and faster to earn BTC on Bitcoin cranes when watching ads for a fee or when entering captcha.

You can use some web services from your smartphone, but it is more convenient to earn currency through special applications. Let’s observe them:
One of the most popular applications for earning Bitcoin is Bitcoin Crane, which allows you to collect Satoshi every 11 minutes. Bitcoin crane is a service that gives the cryptocurrency to registered users at certain intervals.

Some Bitcoin earning apps

Earn Bitcoin by Playing Games

After the rapid rise in the cost of bitcoin at the end of 2017, users started searching for new ways to earn BTC, and one of the easiest way to do it is by playing games.
Most projects reward gamers with a cryptocurrency for achieving results in the game. Let’s look at the most popular cryptocurrency games in which you can earn Bitcoins or other coins. Let’s observe a few of them.

1. Spells of Genesis:

Spells of Genesis

One of the earliest, most successful and perhaps fascinating games related to Bitcoin common Blockchain. Players get into the fantasy world of Moonga, where they fight each other. In the course of the game, you can earn Bitcoins by building important industrial facilities and collecting cards to build strength.

The internal currency is BitCrystals, which are tokens created on the basis of Counterparty and stored in the Bitcoin database. Crystals can be used in the game itself for certain purchases or exchanges, and sell them on third-party sites – exchanges or exchanges. Bitcrystals is a full-fledged cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for Bitcoin or other altcoins. Since 2016, you can also play Spells of Genesis in your browser.

2. Cryptokitties:

Cryptokitties game

Cryptokittiesis the first complete blockchain game that is in demand and actively funded by players. At the moment, prices for “kittens”, which can be grown in the application are constantly falling due to the limited functionality of the application. By the way, it will not be possible to earn without investments, for the first pet it will be necessary to pay in ETH.

3. BitQuest

Bitquest game

This game is a great alternative to Minecraft because it allows for extracting Bitcoin. The economic system BitQuest is built on emeralds that are scattered on the map or can “fall” from the killed monsters. Each emerald is paid in Satoshi. To get them, the player must put the found emeralds in a special chest, and then the server sends the appropriate amount of cryptocurrency to the specified user’s Xapo wallet.

4. BitRunner

Bitrunner game

This game uses the same principle as Pokémon – in order to collect Bitcoin elements, the player must go to the specified locations. Once all the elements have been joined together, you can get a whole coin. The game has the following interesting features:
 both online version and single-player games are available;
 rich choice of weapons, tools, and ammunition;
 elements can not only be searched but also stolen from other players, as well as other players can steal them from the user (except for safe areas where you can hide the found).

5. Spark Profit

Spark profit

It allows the gamer to feel like a real trader – he needs to make a forecast of trend changes in the market. For accurate predictions, points are awarded, which can then be transferred to a cryptocurrency or a fiat account. According to the developers, up to $100 can be obtained for a good forecast, but judging by the feedback from the users, not many of them managed to get more than a dozen bucks a week with the help of this BTC game.

6. SatoshiQuiz


This application pays the player for knowledge. SatoshiQuiz works in quiz format and calculates a certain amount of Satoshi for each correct answer. There are several categories and difficulty levels of questions (complex and simple questions are randomly selected). Group play gives you 60 seconds to answer and the single gives you 20 seconds to answer.


How to make Bitcoin online? There are a few interesting ways to earn Bitcoins online.

No matter which strategy you choose, you should always double-check the platforms where you are going to buy or earn Satoshi. Make sure that you work with reliable websites that make fair payments and provide agreeable conditions. Reviews and feedbacks will help you to make the right choice.

By Maffy Gondyi

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