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Moral Decay: The Bullied Masses; A Country of Ponzi schemes

A country whose moral decay has affected our economy grossly and can no longer cater for her citizens, is the same country who goes about preaching ethics and morality, while the societies disintegrate, and everyone bears the brunt of it.

I woke up to see the headline on my screen; “SEC discovers 12 Ponzi operators, warns investing public” then I went further to check out more past headlines and saw, Ponzi scheme beware SEC is coming for you, Ponzi scheme promoters to face the wrath of the law, and I wonder what all the huffing and puffing were about when our economy looks like a Ponzi scheme in itself.

A country where funds disappear with no trace, a country where qualified people don’t get positions, but the ’connected’, a country where a plumber can become minister of finance, a country where nepotism is the wheel that drives her people, and a country where fire is used as an eraser to cover tracks in Federal Government Offices when the trail of corruption begins to catch up with them.

Give me a chair to sit down and WHISPER into your ears what we have been overlooking. A Country where the authorities use the sweat of the masses as fuel for their wealth creation and the blood of the citizens as the seals on their deals, and they go about sounding unethical alarms about hungry Nigerians trying to find a meal.

I am not awarding any credit to Ponzi scheme operators, however, the authorities should know that the so called victims knew what they were getting g into, and were never deceived. Give the citizens just a reason to be patriotic and see how things would change.

Ponzi scheme and every other illegal scheme would only be curbed when those who cast the stones are without sin.

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