The 3 Main Reasons Guys Should Avoid the Premature Pregnancy Situation


The fact is guys do not get pregnant. No arguments there. The truth is though just because guys do not get pregnant does not mean that a guy would get away with allowing the teenage pregnancy situation. Here are my summarized reasons on why guys should not allow this

1. As a younger person in high school or university or even early in your career you are either very satisfied with the girl that you are dating or you want to meet more girls (yeah that’s reality). Either way you need to avoid getting a girl pregnant early on because if you are satisfied with the girl that you are dating chances are you still want to enjoy her youth, have her dress hot, go out and not get into a serious parenting situation prematurely. Well if you are not satisfied with the girl that you are dating and you are still looking it’s even worse because if you get her pregnant early on then you are complicating the situation for yourself because someday you might meet the girl that you are really crazy about and want to settle with. Having a child might complicate your situation. Sometimes when guys score a hot chick that becomes their girlfriend they kind of relax and almost don’t mind the premature pregnancy situation. The truth is girls change over time so the fact that a girl is hot at 21 might not mean she will be the same at 28 so why not wait until you are ready to settle.

2. As a guy you probably cherish your freedom. This is true whether you know it or not. Guys are about freedom, they like fast cars, they like hanging out late, and they like buying gadgets. If you get a girl pregnant early-on in a way you are compromising on that freedom because instead of doing whatever you please you will have to remember to stash few bucks somewhere to provide for your junior or buy them toys or celebrate their birthdays. Yeah all the adult stuff. You do not want to get to that situation prematurely.

3. Being a guy is also about being in control of your life and taking charge. The truth is sometimes allowing the premature pregnancy situation might take that away from you as a guy. People and relationships change over time, sometimes you might find that you have impregnated the wrong girl so she gives you drama, make demands, claim maintenance… all the negative situations that adults should be dealing with. You do not want to be in that position